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High traffic website development

If your business needs a new website and it’s already known, that it will receive thousands of visitors every day, the underlying infrastructure must be able to support the traffic. Even when a website receives a large number of simultaneous requests, users expect it to load quickly, so delays can cost you visitors or clients. Keeping that in mind, our agency has found solutions that has helped our clients to manage high traffic websites successfully.

There are several issues to consider when developing a web page that potentially will attract great amount of daily visitors. For instance, if a website contains a lot of media or has a complicated design, it will take slower to load. Simplifying web design in an easy solution for this issue, but it’s not valid in all cases, as there are plenty of sites requiring images, scripts, videos and other dynamic content.

But on every site, there is also content that remains static or is uniform across the site and doesn’t need to be requested repeatedly in order to display. Caching these types of content eliminates a large number of requests between browsers and servers and that can be done, for instance, by installing plug-ins. Also, protecting your new website against malicious attacks is one of issues a good web developer must solve in order to make a high traffic website productive. But these are just a few examples of complicated processes and techniques that we use to create better user experience, even when there are thousands of users trying to access a single website at the same time.

When we start the development of a new web page, we can, at least approximately, predict how much visitor traffic it’s going to generate by carefully listening to our clients and their needs. That helps us to understand what kind of actions should we take in order to get the project done in highest quality. Over the years, we have dealt with several projects that has and still is attracting large numbers of visitors, so we know how to handle high traffic website development.