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Web browser based tools & systems

As we face different needs of our clients and always keep looking for ways to make their businesses run more efficiently, we have developed and explored different kinds of solutions for various problems. Computer tools and applications which run on a web browser via the Internet, without accessing the operating system of any individual computer, is only one of those solutions.

There are many advantages to web browser-based applications, one of the biggest being the potential of using it on any system or device, that has an installed web browser on it and is connected to internet. These systems are accessed through web pages and the browser-based software provides a desktop-style application functionality through your web browser’s frontend. Unlike traditional applications, web systems are accessible anytime, anywhere and that means that the user is in charge of where and when they access the application.

This solution is not limited by the operating system that’s it is being run on. It can also be used by people who are prevented from downloading software applications by firewalls, because there is no need to install any type of software on your device to run them, other than usually pre-installed web browser. When you access a web-based application, the software runs remotely, so updates do not require the user to check for patches and bug fixes that they would then have to download and manually install.

If your business model requires your systems and management apps to be mobile and easy to access from basically any place and device, web browser-based systems might be exactly what you need. Actually, it might be what you are already using in your everyday work. As we know Google Docs and Google Sheets, that are very frequently used by businesses all around the world, are both web browser apps, but those are just the most well-known of them.

Our agency is always looking for ways to make our clients everyday work-related experiences more convenient for them and their employees, so we offer web browser-based application and system development as one of our custom solutions. If you still aren’t sure, if your business is in need of these type of tools or systems, you are welcome to contact us for an additional consultation.